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Treatments & Services Available: Treatments & Services Available


Tui na combines ancient trigger point & acu-point therapies with medical massage to help relieve the discomfort of muscular and skeletal problems.


It can be helpful in the management of back pain, neck and shoulder stiffness, leg and knee injuries, rotator cuff injuries and many more.

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A popular method of treatment, acupuncture is designed to stimulate the bodies innate healing systems.

The fine, single use needles are minimally invasive and often once they are in place, patients report feeling relaxed and at ease. 

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All of our organs and glands are connected to reflex points that can be located on the feet by using pressure techniques these areas can be worked individually helping to release toxins and boost hormone levels to aid the body’s own natural healing process. Adults children & babies can benefit from this wonderful treatment.

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Would you like to optimise your reproductive

health naturally?

Are you looking for a therapy that is both

effective and noninvasive?

Fertility acupuncture could be a gentle treatment

to help you conceive.

Discover why you should try it with us today.

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Jayne Almond Acupuncture Southampton
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