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Photo by Patrick Malleret Jayne Almond Acupuncture Southampton
Jayne Almond Acupuncture Southampton
Jayne Almond 


Member of The British Acupuncture Council

Acupuncture promotes the body, mind and spirit to rebalance and self heal, this is achieved by strategically inserting tiny needles into acupuncture points.

Patients often report that they “feel better in themselves” and many are surprised that they have improved sleep and energy and can cope more easily at what life throws their way.

Jayne Almond Acupuncture Southampton


Improve your wellbeing….

Treatment always aims to get to the cause of the symptoms

Acupuncture has a while host of benefits, many people have discovered that as a therapy it has the power to bring balance physically, mentally and emotionally.



Evidence suggests that Acupuncture can have a very positive effect on regulating and balancing hormones.

Many women have benefitted from acupuncture treatment combined with lifestyle advice to help with a whole range of menstrual issues from puberty through to menopause.

Helping to facilitate a much longed for conception whether naturally or alongside I.V.F is and has been a huge part of my work.

Jayne Almond Acupuncture Southampton
Jayne Almond Acupuncture Southampton
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