Living in harmony with the seasons is an ancient Chinese belief.

Winter urges us to slow down.  This is the time of year when we need to replenish our energy and conserve our strength.

In Chinese medicine each season is associated with a specific organ in the body and winter’s organ is the kidneys. We need to consider our kidney energy (qi) because in winter the body’s energy is depleted.  We get down to our reserves, rather like a petrol tank running on empty.  When our tank is near empty it is more likely to freeze.

What to do in winter

1) Go to bed earlier and if possible get up later. Conserve your strength.

2) Stay warm, in Chinese Medicine it is considered especially important to keep your back, neck and upper chest covered when you go outside.

3) Keep your feet warm, no walking on cold floors without slippers! Cold comes up through the floor into your body.

4) Warm your diet.  Eat warm hearty soups, root vegetables and dark green leafy vegetables.  Walnuts, kidney beans and black beans are are especially good for nourishing kidney energy.

5) Drink plenty of warm water and avoid cold drinks

Conserving our energy in winter enables us to flourish and move forward in the spring.